Video Blogs

Peppi Gauci, a Maltese permaculturist, talks about Malta’s land, the soil and the climate elements affecting agriculture.

Technology has helped the farmer keep up with the demand for food, however agriculture is facing a lot of challenges in this unfriendly ecological climate.

Is Malta steering away from the self sufficiency of traditional farming?

Macrobiotic Counselor Shirley Cauchi talks about food and how synthetic chemicals used on crops are having adverse effects on human health.

Environmental contamination has negative effects on plants.

Permaculture as a reparative tool to create a natural microclimate where organic life will flourish again.

Joe Borg, an organic farmer, talks about organic fruit and tests on how to pick out these naturally grown crops from the rest.

Joe, gives out some tips on how to identify an organic grown potato.

Nowadays traditional Maltese delicacies are sold in genetically modified oil.

Our taste buds are affected by foods that we consume.

The popularity of convenient foods on the market.


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