The Documentary

These Green Thumbs is a documentary that talks about the challenges that agriculture is currently facing in Malta.

The Maltese archipelago comprises of a group of islands located some 100 kilometers south of Sicily, 300 kilometers off the North African Coast . The main island having an area of approximately 457 square kilometers with a population of about 380,000 and counting.

Its size has been regarded as an asset for fresh food producers, since the local produce does not need to travel much and the population can benefit from fresh crops.

Moreover the island is affected by population growth, and factors like urbanization, adequate water supplies, global warming and a big demand for food is having its toll on Malta’s ecosystem. Threatened by limited resources that are shrinking, there seems to be a need to design ways to help the plants and soil survive in this unfriendly ecological climate.


Agriculture has played an important role in the growth of human civilization.

Modern agronomy, plant breeding, pesticides and fertilizers coupled with technological expansion have strongly increased the harvest of crops, at the price of causing widespread ecological damage and negative human health effects, even in Malta.

2010 is the International Year of Biodiversity, so we are asking, how ‘natural’ is the crop we consume? Could modern agricultural practices be the savior of life?

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About thesegreenthumbs

Filmmaker promoting his upcoming documentary production "These Green Thumbs".
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3 Responses to The Documentary

  1. This is a great move!! People ought to know what kind(s) of food(s) they are putting inside their bodies, and how that food is reacting inside their bodies. People still don’t see the connection. Becoming more aware of how food is being grown, what it is being sprayed with, what is not being done and what can be done is of primary importance! Looking forward to viewing the full length feature!! Well done!!

  2. Michel Spagnol says:

    Wow. Great clip!! Actually one needs to question what we mean by ‘natural’.

    Humans have been using selective breeding for ages now, trying to improve the crops and cattle. Now we are talking about genetically modified organisms…Much to say about this issue…

    Looking forward to see the final documentary. Well done.

  3. Tanja Cilia says:

    … and suddenly we learn that beef from cloned calves has been sold on the British market, and that GM ingredients are present in foods we consume as a matter of course. It is documentaries like this that ought to be required viewing, rather than the whitewashed, biased clips that have a hidden agenda.

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